Traveller Eviction

Traveller eviction the easy way! No lengthy Court process! Call now!

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

We are the countries leading traveller eviction bailiff service provider. We have agents operating in cities, towns and rural areas across the Country.

Our traveller eviction bailiff specialists are all expert negotiators. Using their many years of experience of removing travellers from private land, and restoring your private land to its rightful owner, YOU!

The traveller-Gypsy eviction service provided by Alpha 1 Legal Services is second to none. We can help reduce the costs and inconvenience to you, and the possibility of damage being caused to your land, by the illegal occupation of your private land.

Members of our specialist traveller eviction team will carry out the eviction by quickly, efficiently and professionally moving them along. We will remove the travellers, gypsys or trespassers from your private land with the minimum of fuss. We also take the utmost care to adhere to the current guidelines for traveller evictions.

How to Remove Travellers from Private Land?

Whatever time of day you discover travellers, gypsys or trespassers are on your private land. Just make one simple telephone call to the professional traveller eviction bailiff team here at Alpha 1 Legal Services. We will then provide a cost effective solution, to remedy the situation.
An agent of our specialist traveller eviction bailiff team will attend the site, usually within 1 hour and serve them with an eviction notice to leave under Common Law (found in Halsburys Law of England and Wales), they will also carry out a risk assessment of the site. This gives them until the following morning to vacate the site. We can also assist if the proceedings are undertaken under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

What if Travellers on private land don’t move?

If after the allotted time (stated in the eviction notice) they are still there. We will instruct our specialist team of traveller eviction bailiffs to attend, and they will supervise the eviction of the travellers, gypsys or trespassers vehicles and possessions from your private land. All of our traveller eviction bailiff specialists, are more than happy to have the Police attend the eviction. This is to avoid untruthful claims of excessive force, or traveller property being damaged, being used against us.
The common law procedure is much easier & faster, than going through the Courts for a Court Order to have them removed.
In most cases, we can arrange the attendance of ‘specialist services’ like tow trucks/low loaders, dog handlers, concrete blocks and site clear up teams. All prices are available upon request.
We cover all areas with our traveller eviction service: – Basingstoke, Birmingham, Carlisle, Chesterfield, Coventry, Gloucester, Hereford, Leeds, LiverpoolLondon, Reading, Sheffield, Workington.

Traveller eviction

Travellers turned up on my land and refused to leave when I asked them. I called Alpha 1 Legal Services and within 24 hours they had cleared my land, I cannot thank Paul and the whole team enough and will be recommending you to other landowners!

PP - Private Landowner