Traveller Eviction in Leeds from Supermarket Car Park

Posted 2:52 2 November 2021

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Last week, our traveller eviction in Leeds bailiffs received a call from the owners of a large shopping centre.

The caller stated that travellers had turned up on their car park and were causing mayhem with customers coming in and out and blocking the roads. They also said the kids were throwing stones at customers cars, and, customers were flooding in complaining.

Our traveller eviction in Leeds bailiff team leader took all the details for the location, and, within 15 minutes, a bailiff from the traveller eviction in Leeds team, was on their way to serve them.

When the bailiff arrived, he could see 12 caravans, 4 pick up trucks, 2 flat bed trucks and a few dogs on site. The bailiff began handing out the notices and got the usual responses of “we’re not moving”, “you need a Court Order”, “we’ll stay as long as we like’ etc etc. The bailiff just stated you need to leave immediately or you will be evicted under Common Law. Once all the notices were handed out or affixed to the caravans, the bailiff from the traveller eviction in Leeds team left the site, (after speaking with the client).

At 07:45 hours the next morning, the traveller eviction in Leeds bailiff team arrived on site. As per usual, the ream started knocking on the doors to the caravans to wake up the occupants. After about 30 -40 minutes of knocking, people started to emerge from the caravans, not too happy at being woken up! One adult male in particular was very angry at being woken up and began swearing at and pushing one of the bailiffs. Fortunately, after some professional and tactful reasoning, the adult male seemed to calm down and went back inside to get fully dressed.

It transpired that this adult male was the leader of the group, and, when he came back out, asked the bailiff team leader for time to go and look for another site to go to. The traveller eviction in Leeds bailiff team leader spoke with the client over the phone and this was agreed to. After approximately, 1 hour, the adult male and another 2 males disappeared off site to look for another location.

Whilst they were gone, the remaining people packed po their belongings (slowly) and started to get ready to move off.

At around 11:55 hours, the adult male returned back to the site and asked if they could have a bit longer as his friends hadn’t found anywhere yet. The team leader spoke with the client and it was agreed they could have until 13:00 hours. As the team leader was explaining this, one of the males called and said he’d found somewhere. They waited for him to come back and hitched up al the caravans and got ready to move off, before doing so, the travellers went round with plastic bags and picked up all the rubbish which they said was there and placed it next to the provided bins. They were all off site by 13:06 hours!

Another very happy client, and, one who didn’t go for a Court Order and have to wait weeks for it to be enforced!! The whole matter resolved in less than 48 hours by our traveller eviction in Leeds bailiff team.

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