Traveller Eviction in Sheffield from Clients Private Land

Posted 2:42 2 December 2021

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Late last week, our traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiff team received a call from a concerned client!

The client stated that they were in the process of selling one of their properties, but had had travellers turn up a few days before the prospective buyer was due to be shown the property. Needless to say, they were very keen to get this sorted out as soon as possible! Our traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiffs took the details of the clients site, and, within 30 minutes, and agent was on the way to serve the notice on the group.

When the traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiff agent arrived on site, they counted 6 caravans, a few pick up trucks and 4 4×4’s vehicles, with a few dogs running around. The agent knocked on a couple of caravans before getting a reply at one. The adult female he spoke with said all the men were away working in Ireland and wouldn’t be back for a week, therefore, they weren’t moving, she also stated they would need a Court Order to move them. The traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiff didn’t comment but handed her a notice and stated they must leave immediately as they have no permission to be there. The rest of the notices were affixed to the caravans on site. Once completed, the client was informed and asked to monitor the site to see if they left.

Needless to say, they didn’t move and the traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiff team arrived nice and early the following day. The bailiff team began knocking on the caravan doors around 8am. No response was received from any of the caravans until around 0845am. An adult male emerged and asked what the problem was, the bailiff in charge stated they must leave as they had no permission to be there, and also he thought they were all away in Ireland for a week working, to which he received no reply. The adult male then shut the caravan door, as if to ignore the team.

By this time, a Police patrol had turned up to ask what was going on. The bailiff team leader explained that they were there to evict under common law as the travellers had no permission being on the land. It was like magic, all the travellers appeared from out of the caravans and started to pack up their belongings and said they would be gone within 2-3 hours. One of the traveller disappeared in a 4×4 and the traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiff team leader was told he was off to find another site to move to. The police said they would hang around for 30 minutes or so, just to make sure there was no breach of the peace.

At approximately 12:10, the adult male who had driven off in the 4×4 arrived back, spoke to the rest of the adult males on site and they all began to hitch up their caravans. He came over the traveller eviction in Sheffield bailiff team leader and said he had found another place to go to and they would be gone in 20-30 minutes.

Sure enough, at 12:50, the last traveller caravan had pulled of the clients site. The traveler eviction in Sheffield bailiff team leader called the client and informed him they had gone he was ecstatic. He thanked the bailiff team leader and all the team for their swift work.

Another happy client serviced. All completed within 48 hours, and, without the need for a Court Order and waiting weeks to get it actioned.

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