Traveller Eviction in Gloucester and another Happy Client!

Posted 11:23 29 October 2021

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Early last month, our traveller eviction in Gloucester bailiff team received a call from a private landowner.

The caller stated that travellers had turned up on their land and were causing a nuisance and dropping litter everywhere! He also stated that they had ‘dumped’ some old machinery on his land!

Our traveller eviction in Gloucester bailiff took all the details from the client and said we would get it resolved within 48 hours under common law, there was no need to go to Court and wait weeks to get them off his land.

Within 30 minutes, one of the traveller eviction in Gloucester bailiffs was on their way to serve the notice to vacate upon the trespassers. Upon arrival at the site, the bailiff concluded that there were 6 caravans, 3 flat trucks and 4 pick up trucks on the site. He spoke with some adult females who verbally stated that al the males were in Manchester working, they also stated that they were staying for a week, possibly two. Our bailiff stated they have to move immediately and handed the notices to the adult females and affixed them to the caravans where no response was forthcoming.

The next morning at approximately 8am, the traveller eviction in Gloucester bailiff team arrived. The team started knocking on the caravan doors to wake the occupants. A lot of shouting and swearing could be heard from inside from the occupants. An adult male emerged from one and stated he was the leader and that they were going nowhere. They were staying for a week and they needed a Court order to move them. The bailiff team leader explained that they did not need a court order as the eviction was being done under common law (they already knew this but were trying it on as usual).

Eventually, after a lot of shouting, swearing and pushing, the adult male conceded and asked if they could have a few hours to get everything packed up and find a new site. The traveller eviction in Gloucester bailiff team leader spoke with the client and the client agreed. They did not want any aggravation or a breach of the peace on their land.

About 1 hour later, the adult male and another male said they were off to find a new site and disappeared, whilst everyone else packed up their belongings ready to move.

Around 2 hours later, the adult male returned and said they’d found a new site. He further stated they would pick up all the rubbish but said the machinery wasn’t theirs True to their word, at approximately 12:30pm, they were all hitched up and moving off the land, they also had bagged all the rubbish and left it at the entrance, but, the machinery was still on site. The landlord was happy that they were gone, but not pleased that he’d have to remove the machinery at his own expense. That said, he was extremely happy with the fast response from the traveller eviction in Gloucester team!

Yet another completely successful traveller eviction undertaken and completed in under 48 hours! If you need a traveler eviction in Gloucester, then come to the experts, there are none better!

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