Traveller Eviction in Basingstoke from Clients Private Land

Posted 1:30 25 October 2021

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Early last month our traveller eviction in Basingstoke bailiff team received a call from an anxious landowner.

The landowner explained how travellers had turned up the previous day oh his land. He said they were causing a nuisance and blocking access to his land. He also stated they were dumping rubbish on his land and by the hour it was mounting up. He said as one truck left, another turned up to dump more rubbish. They has also demanded money per caravan to leave, which we told him not to do!

As soon as our traveller eviction in Basingstoke bailiff team leader had got the site details, a bailiff was en-route to serve the notice to vacate.

When the traveller eviction in Basingstoke bailiff arrived at the site, they noted 8 caravans on one side, and on the other side flat loading tipper trucks were dumping rubbish. When they approached the tipper trucks to ask what they were doing, he was told to mind his own business in no uncertain terms! The bailiff then handed notices to them which they ripped up. He then went and served all the caravans and was told they were going nowhere for at least 2 weeks, while they were working in the area. The bailiff stated that as per the notice they had to move immediately.

The traveller eviction in Basingstoke team leader was informed, and the bailiff team was readied for the following mornings traveller eviction in Basingstoke.

The following morning at approximately 8am, the bailiff eviction team arrived. There was a huge mound of rubbish on one side of the land! The police were also in attendance as there had been threats to the landowner and his staff the previous evening.

The bailiff traveller eviction in Basingstoke began knocking on all the caravan doors and waking the occupants. Whilst they were doing this, the police were checking the tax and insurance on the travellers vehicles.

At first, the traveller men were very aggressive towards the bailiffs, until they noticed the Police. They then agreed to pack up and leave the land within 2-3 hours. To which the client agreed.

As they were packing up, a tow truck arrived (which was called for by the police) and one of the vehicles was towed away, for not having any tax, test or insurance!

Eventually, all the caravans were hitched up, and, the traveller convoy left the land. Unfortunately for the landowner, they did not take the mess they’d dumped with them. He was left to get that cleared up at his own expense.

Another happy (apart from the mess he has to have cleared up) landowner. All evicted within 48 hours and no lengthy Court Process (you can imagine the amount of rubbish would have been much more had they longer to do it)!

If you need an immediate result for traveller eviction in Basingstoke, come to the industry experts!

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