Traveller Eviction in Reading from Private Land

Posted 11:04 22 October 2021

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Early last month, our traveller eviction in Reading bailiff team received a call.

The distressed potential client stated that travellers had turned up on their land, which they were developing for housing. They had churned up all the grass and were causing havoc with the site staff who were trying to ask them to leave, which was to no avail.

Our traveller eviction in Reading team leader took down all the details of the site. Approximately 30 minutes later, one of the bailiff team was on his way to serve the notice to vacate. On arrival at the site, the bailiff ascertained there were around 7 caravans and various other vehicles on the clients land.

The traveller eviction in Reading bailiff spoke with some adult females who were there. They explained that the men were all away working and would be back later. The bailiff handed out the notices to the females who all stated they were staying for two weeks and they needed a Court Order to move them. The rest of the notices were placed on the caravans where there was no answer.

At approximately 8am the following morning, the traveller eviction in Reading bailiff team arrived on site. The bailiffs began knocking on all the caravans in an attempt to wake the occupants, which was proving difficult. Eventually, after some loud knocking, some adult males emerged from a couple of the caravans. To say they weren’t happy would be an understatement and the verbal abuse started towards the bailiff team. One adult male in particular was very aggressive as he was attempting to punch one of the bailiffs. He was eventually arrested by the police who had turned up to ensure there was no breach of the peace.

After this incident, everything seemed to calm down. Another adult male started to negotiate with the traveller eviction in Reading team leader. And a time was set for them to pack up and depart, all cleared with the landowner.

At approximately 12:30pm, they were all hitched up and ready to leave when one of the caravans got stuck in the mud on the site. All the adult males got out of their vehicles and began to push the caravan to set it free. After approximately 30 minutes, the caravan was free and the travellers were on their way.

Another extremely happy landowner, who said they would recommend us to other landowners in the house building business!! They were extremely happy that all of this was completed within 24 hours and with no need for a Court Order!

If you need a traveller eviction in Reading, completed within 48 hours, then come to the experts!

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