Traveller Eviction in Carlisle from Private Land

Posted 1:32 18 November 2021

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Earlier in the week, our traveller eviction in Carlisle bailiff team received a call.

The caller spoke to the traveller eviction in Carlisle team leader and was very worried as some travellers had turned up on her private land overnight. She said that they had cut the lock on her gate. However, when questioned by the police, they had said it was already off when they turned up.

She also said that they were disturbing her horse riding lessons and could we do something urgently! Our traveller eviction in Carlisle bailiff team leader told he we could have it solved within 48 hours! After ascertaining the location, one of the traveller eviction in Carlisle team was on the way to serve them with the notice to vacate immediately.

On arrival, the bailiff from our traveller eviction in Carlisle team counted 8 caravans on the site with various modes of transport like 4×4 cars and pick up trucks. The bailiff knocked on the caravan doors and was met by a couple of adult females, who stated they were going nowhere for at least a week! The bailiff then proceeded to hand out the notices to the females and stating they must leave the land immediately. Other notices were attached to the caravans where there was no answer. Again, they reiterated that they were going nowhere, and a Court Order was needed to shift them. Once all had been served, the landowner was informed and told the traveller eviction in Carlisle team would be there at 8am if they hadn’t moved.

Nice and early the next day, the traveller eviction in Carlisle team turned up. All caravans were still on site. The bailiff team then started to knock on the caravan doors to wake up the occupants. After about 10-15 minutes of knocking, people began to emerge. They were told that they had to move immediately as they were on the private land without the owners permission. An adult male asked the bailiff team leader id they could have a few hours to sort themselves out and to go and look for another place to move to. The bailiff team leader spoke with the landowner and it was agreed that they could have until 12 noon to leave the land. This was agreed and the ball was rolling, so to say.

The adult male left with another 2 males whilst everyone else was started to pack up their belongings and get ready to move. After approximate 3 hours, the adult male arrived back. Hr told the traveller eviction in Carlisle bailiff team leader that they had found a suitable spot to move to and would be gone just after 12 noon.

As promised by the adult male, all of the caravans were hitched up and lined up ready to move by 12 noon. The travellers walked round with plastic bags picking up any rubbish that might be theirs and left it by the entrance gate. At around 12:05pm, the travellers move peacefully off the land and the owner came down and locked up the gate with another padlock.

Yet another successful result carried out by the traveller eviction in Carlisle bailiff team. Again, without the need for a Court Order and lengthy Court process, all carried out within 48 hours. The landowner was ecstatic and said she would recommend us to landowners in the area should they have need.

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