Traveller Eviction in London – Retail Car Park

Posted 9:28 11 October 2021

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Earlier in the month, our traveller eviction in London bailiff team received a call on a Saturday morning.

Our traveller eviction in London team spoke with the client. They stated that travellers had turned up on their site and were causing problems for shoppers. Access was being blocked and people couldn’t get in or out of the car park. Obviously this was not good for trade on a weekend.

Our traveller eviction in London bailiff team leader took the details of the site. Again, the client had been told by the travellers that if they paid them a certain amount of money for each caravan, they would leave. Our client refused.

A member of the traveller eviction in London bailiff team was sent to the site. He was to immediately serve them with notice to vacate. This was within 20 minutes of receiving the call.

On arriving at the site, our bailiff noted 8 caravans on site. There were no people outside any of the caravans. The traveller eviction in london bailiff knocked on a couple of the caravans. No response was received from the fist 4. They eventually spoke with an adult female, who stated all the men were away. She further stated they would not be back until at least 5pm. As he was speaking with the female, an adult male turned up and started being aggressive. He stated they were going nowhere, and, would stay as long as they liked. The traveller eviction in London bailiff stated they had until tomorrow to leave. He then served the rest of the caravans and left the site.

Our traveller eviction in London bailiff then telephoned the client. He told the client they had all been served, and, people had notice that they had been served and had until tomorrow to leave.

Bright and early the next day, our traveller eviction in London bailiff team attended the site. This was at approximately 8am as agreed with the client. The bailiff team began knocking on the caravans to rouse the occupants. A couple of the males became very aggressive towards the bailiff team. However, after some expert negotiation skills, the situation was under the teams control.

After approximately 1 hour, an adult male approached the team and asked if they could have a ‘few hours’ to start packing up and to look for another site. The client agreed they could have until 12 noon. The adult male was happy with that and thanked the team leader and went to tell everyone.

Around 30 minutes later, the adult male and another male stated they were off to find another location. They arrived back around 1.5 hours later, stating they had found somewhere. They then hurried everyone on to pack up so they could leave.

At around 11:55am, they were all packed up and lined up to leave. The adult male came over to the traveller eviction in London team leader and thanked him for giving them time to pack up. By 12:05pm, they had all left our clients site without incident.

Another successful job carried out by our traveller eviction in London bailiff team. All within 24 hours of being instructed by the client. Also, without any lengthy Court process!

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