Traveller Eviction in Workington from Private Land

Posted 1:04 9 November 2021

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At the beginning of the month, our traveller eviction in Workington bailiff team received a cal from a large property owner.

The private land owner explained to our traveller eviction in Workington bailiff how a group of approximately 12 caravans had turned up on their land and refused to leave. He stated that they had been menacing towards customers and staff. He also said that they had demanded money to leave, which thankfully their had refused to pay!

As usual, our traveller eviction in Workington bailiff team leader took all the details for the site and assured the caller that they would be served today with notice to vacate the land. Within 30 minutes, one of the team bailiffs was on route to serve the notice upon the travellers.

Upon arrival, the traveller eviction in Workington bailiff counted 12 caravans on site, with various modes of towing them from cars to pick up trucks. There were also numerous animals on the site (dogs & horses). The bailiff proceeded to knock on the doors to the caravans and hand out the notices, all of the people he spoke to were polite, but, did state they weren’t moving and that the landowner would need a Court Order, the traveller eviction in Workington bailiff stated that they must move immediately as per the notice.

After all caravans/people were served with the notice, the bailiff spoke with the landowner, confirming all occupants and caravans were served with the notice. It was agreed if they didn’t move, then the team would be there at 8am the next day to evict.

At 8am the following day, the traveller eviction in Workington bailiff team arrived on site. The team started knocking on the caravans and it took approximately 30 minutes to get a response (it was later found out they’d had a party the previous evening). There was a lot of shouting and pushing and shoving going on. The male travellers were saying they wouldn’t go and were wanting to fight to stay there. However, after some expert, professional negotiating, everything calmed down.

Eventually, the travellers came round to the fact that they had to move. Once this happened, everything was amicable and there was no shouting or confrontation. One adult male approached the bailiff team leader and asked if he could have time to go and look for another place to go. The bailiff team leader spoke with the client and the client agreed. He and another male, got into a vehicle and drove off.

Approximately 2 hours later, they came back and said they’d found somewhere to go, they then told everyone on site to hurry up and finish packing so they could go. At around 13:30 they were all ready to move off. By 13:50 all 12 caravans and vehicles were off the clients site. When spoken to the client was really happy that everything had gone so smoothly. He was also amazed that it was done so quickly, as he he’d used solicitors in the past to get Court Orders and it had taken weeks to evict the travellers in Workington.

Another successful traveller eviction in Workington carried out in less than 48 hours, with no need for a Court Order!

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