Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking in the UK and internationally!

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

We are the UK’s leading vehicle tracking company. Vehicle tracking here at Alpha 1 Legal Services is firmly built upon knowledge. Our GPS, GPRS and, GSM tracking is state of the art technology.  This can be a very cost effective way of tracking your vehicle or vehicles.

Our vehicle tracking service can provide you with that vital information. Whether it be for matrimonial reasons i.e. peace of mind, or commercial reasons i.e. tracking your workforce vehicle or vehicles.

How does GPS tracking work?

GPS tracking is short for Global Positioning System tracking. The system is based around satellites that are constantly rotating around the earth. This gives you 24 hour, round the clock tracking information of where your fleet is, be it cars, vans, HGV’s or plant machinery.

What information does a GPS tracker provide?

Alpha 1 Legal Services investigators can provide you with detailed printouts of where the vehicle has been. This will provide you with information on where the vehicle started. What time it started.  Locations it visited, and how long was spent at each location. In short, we will provide you with the information you require to make the right decisions!

Our units feature the ‘GEO’ fencing technology

This means that you may specify an area that when the car or vehicle we are tracking, enters or leaves this zone, then it will ‘trigger’ the tracker. This then sends an email/text message letting us know this.

How often will a GPS tracker report its location?

All our vehicle trackers run in ‘real time’, and can be adjusted to the specific requirements of the client for reporting purposes. All our vehicle tracking units have the option of having extended battery life. Especially if the client requires them to be fitted for long periods of time (1 year + in some cases).
Alpha 1 Legal Services has been using tracking units and tracking systems for some time now. This runs in conjunction with our surveillance operations.
We appreciate what clients need and require, and provide such for them. However we always stipulate that these devices are an aid and not a definitive answer to their problems.
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