Traveller Eviction in Chesterfield from Private Land

Posted 10:15 30 November 2021

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Last week, our traveller eviction in Chesterfield bailiff team took a call from a very irate client!

The client was not happy that a group of travellers had camped themselves on some private land belonging to him. He said that his solicitor had advised him to cal us as we may be able to move them on within 48 hours, we were only too glad to help. He stated that the travellers had asked for £1000 for each caravan to move off the site. Thankfully, he had said no and called us instead.

The traveller eviction in Chesterfield bailiff team leader took all the clients details and said an agent would be on the way to serve the notice to move within 1 hour. Within 30 minutes, all the notices were printed and the case created on the system, and, the agent was on his way to the clients private land.

On arrival, the agent counted 8 caravans on the land, along with a few 4×4 vehicles, a tipper truck and a couple of dogs running on long leads. The agent knocked on a caravan door and was greeted by a very aggressive one eyed male! The adult male came out shouting and swearing that they were going nowhere and that no-one could move them without a court Order. The agent handed him a notice and he ripped it up and threw it back at the agent, telling him to go away in no uncertain terms! No response was received from the other caravans so the notices were affixed. Once completed, the agent telephoned the client and told him they were all served and to monitor to see if they moved. Needless to say, they didn’t.

The next morning at approximately 07:45, traveller eviction in Chesterfield bailiff team arrived on site. At around 08:00, the bailiff team started knocking on the caravans to wake the occupants and move them off the private land. No response was forthcoming from any of the caravans until around 20 minutes of knocking had elapsed! Again, the one eyed adult male came flying out of his caravan hurling verbal abuse at everyone. Due to the amount of abuse, and a risk of escalation, it was felt wise to call the police, who arrived 5 minutes later. They spoke with the adult male at length and advised him that if he continued they would be forced to arrest him for a breach of the peace. Needless to say, he would not calm down, so, he was arrested.

After the arrest, things seemed to calm down and another adult male approached the traveller eviction in Chesterfield team leader, he asked if it was ok for him to leave to look for another site and would the landowner be happy to give him some time to do so. After a telephone call with the landowner, it was agreed that he could do so. Therefore, he and another adult male left to look for an alternate site.

While they were gone, the other adult males and the females packed up their belongings and got ready to move from the private land. Once all the belongings were packed away, the adult females took some bin bags and began to collect any litter that they may have left and put it into the bags, which were left at the entrance to the private land. At around 13:00, the two adult males arrived back on site. They had found another place to go approximately 25 miles away. All the caravans were hitched up and lined up ready to move of the land. At around 13:50 the travellers had all left the land.

The landowner couldn’t thank the traveller eviction in Chesterfield bailiff team enough. He said he had once used the Court Order method and had waited weeks for them to be evicted. He was amazed that we had got it done in less than 48 hours!

If you need a traveller eviction in Chesterfield, then come to the experts, no need for a lengthy court Process and usually completed within 48 hours!

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