Traveller Eviction In Liverpool Carried Out By Our Enforcement Agents within 48 Hours

Posted 11:01 7 August 2015

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Liverpool landowners, like landowners everywhere else these days, will need a traveller eviction in Liverpool at some point.

Our Certificated Enforcement Agent will use common law as the most efficient and cost effective way of returning the land back to its rightful owner.
In this case the travellers had settled in on the land early on the night before. The landowner had gone over to their vehicles and courteously requested that they leave by 9 am in the next morning.
At 10:30 they were still there and looking like they had no intention of leaving. He called the council, they had advised to get a court order, either an injunction or a possession order. This would obviously take some time.
The following is what transpired when our Certificated Enforcement Agent received the call one Monday morning from a distressed Liverpool landowner. The details of the complaint were logged as the agent talked to the landowner. The Certificated Enforcement Agent knew Liverpool well and knew exactly where the land with the travellers on it was.
Within the next few hours the agent had met with the landowner, prepared a Notice to Vacate, and been to the land and served the travellers with the notice. The notice stated that they should leave the land at the specified date and time, which was 24 hours from the notice being served, or the Certificated Enforcement Agent could use reasonable force to evict from the land. Our agent called the local Police service to inform them of the date and time of the traveller eviction in Liverpool, just in case it turned nasty.
As you can imagine tempers can be on edge in a difficult situation. In this case there was a brief verbal altercation when our agent had turned up to ensure the travellers moved on as requested in the Notice to Vacate. The experienced agent was able to calm the situation down before it came to a physical confrontation and the traveller eviction in Liverpool went smoothly.
If you own land anywhere in Liverpool, our agents are here to help you evict people living on your land without your permission in an expedient and affordable way.
Traveller Eviction in Liverpool