Traveller Eviction in Coventry from a Car Park

Posted 9:03 7 October 2021

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On the 16th February this year, our traveller eviction team in Coventry received an urgent call from one of our clients stating that travellers had occupied their private land.

An employee of our client had approached the travellers earlier and was told they would not move. They said they were staying for a week, possibly longer, unless the client paid them £5000, in cash, to move. Needless to say the client refused.

This was a regular client, They knew all about removing trespassers under common law. As a result, we did not need to explain it to them.

Our traveller eviction team in coventry immediately sprang into action. A bailiff was dispatched within 20 minutes to serve a notice to vacate the private land. Upon arrival at the site in Coventry city centre, the bailiff noted there were 11 caravans on site. People were milling around in the vicinity of them.

The bailiff managed to politely & professionally speak with a couple of the occupants of the caravans, serving them the paperwork at the same time, &, informing them that they must move immediately or face removal. The bailiff got the same response as the employee……they stated they would not move unless they were paid, or, there was a Court Order. The Bailiff explained there was no need for a Court Order. He stated it would be done under common law if they did not vacate the land.

On the morning of the 17th February the team of bailiffs from the traveller eviction team in Coventry attended the site at approximately 08:00 hours and started knocking on the caravan doors to wake up the occupants. At first the reception was hostile from the males and some of the females in the group. However, after some professional negotiation, things calmed down. The males were arguing as to why the landlord had instructed the traveller eviction team in Coventry to evict them, when they had asked for payment to leave., and, were waiting for the payment. The bailiff in charge of the traveller eviction team in Coventry that day explained that they would be receiving no payment and were to pack up and leave the site peacefully.

After around 20/30 minutes later, one of the travellers spoke to the bailiff in charge of the traveller eviction team and explained that him and two others were off to find somewhere else to go, and, could they give them a few hours to do so. After consulting with the landowner, it was agreed they could have until 12 noon that day.

A couple of hours later, the men returned. They started to hitch up the caravans and pack all the external belongings into the caravans. The man in charge spoke to the Bailiff in charge of the traveller eviction team in Coventry and explained they had found a suitable site and would be off around 12 noon.

The travellers left the site around 12 noon. The situation was peacefully resolved in less than 24 hours of the landowner instructing us. Compared to the 1 week plus it would have taken to go through the route of getting a Court Order.

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