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We are contractors for Private Detective services in London, the UK & overseas to Legal Professionals! Private Investigator In our surveillance taskings in London & the UK, we utilise the very latest camera, video and tracking technology to obtain results! Surveillance We carry out process serving in London, nationally & internationally via our extensive agent network! Process Server We are Londons & the UK's leading provider of electronic bug sweeping & counter surveillance services! Bug Sweeping Tracing people in London, nationally & internationally is an art, we have mastered it, missing persons, debtors, lost relatives & heirs! Tracing People

We are  the UK’s leading Private Detective in London for Process Serving, Surveillance & Traveller Eviction Company services. We provide comprehensive Private Detective, Process Server, Surveillance & Traveller Eviction support services to the Legal Profession, Corporate, Private and Public sectors.

Private Detective London, a Team of Honest and Trustworthy Professionals

Alpha 1 Legal Services is the most reliable and reputable private detective in London and investigation company in the UK. Our professionals are people with great integrity and high moral values. Over the years, we have excelled in all our projects and have provided highly confidential and trustworthy services.

Private Detective London, a Team with Heaps of Experience

For our experienced and highly qualified team of professional investigators and detectives in London, every case is equally important. They have been given special training to use all the latest equipment and software. This ensures that their knowledge remains up to date. With all their dedication and resolve, our professional private investigators make sure that they solve your problem every time you come to us. Whether it is the private sector or corporate industry, we have worked for all kinds of clients.

You Come First!

Alpha 1 Legal Services aim to facilitate all our clients with equal care and attention. This is the reason we have our regional centres in almost all the major cities and towns in the UK. We want our clients to take advantage of our professional private investigator services. This is regardless of any limitations of location or time. Our company specialises in a number of legal support services. These include, Private Investigation services, Accident Investigation (RTC) Services, Pre Sue Reports, Background Checks, Mystery Shopper, Catching Cheating SpousesProcess Servers, Tracing people, Vehicle Tracking, Surveillance, Deleted Text Message Recovery, Bug Detection, Lie Detector Tests, Child Abduction InvestigationsFly TippingBailiff, Horse Removal From Private Land and Traveller Eviction services. Also, our private detectives in the UK work on a regular basis, and are available round the clock. We are also providers of Bailiff & Traveller Eviction services! This means, whenever you need our help, you can contact us. Our excellent customer support st­aff will be more than happy to help you.

Transparent Processes and Empathetic Individuals – This is What You Can Expect

Since our company lays great emphasis on using legitimate and transparent methods, all our professional private detectives are qualified according to the proposed licensing legislation. They have many years of experience in this field and are very passionate about their profession. Moreover, the director of our company is the co-founder of The Association of Professional Process Servers. He is also an active member of British Agents Group, United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network, and United Kingdom Process Servers Association.

Our Accomplishments and Accolades

Alpha 1 Legal Services is humbly honoured to mention, that we have been awarded with the following from Acquisition International M & A Awards & Wealth & Financial International Awards:

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Whether you are a national or an international client, feel free to call or email us and we will immediately address your queries and concerns.

Paul and the team at Alpha 1 Legal Services have an excellent understanding of the Private Investigator industry, Surveillance laws & Process Serving rules and all current CPR.

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