Horse Bailiffs

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We are the leading provider of Horse Bailiffs services for removal of horses, along with our strategic partners The Horse Bailiffs, from private land nationwide.

If you have a problem with people fly grazing a single horse or a herd of 20 horses on your land, Alpha 1 Legal Services affordable Horse Bailiffs removal from private land services is just what you need.
Of course, not all fly grazing is as a result of someone just deciding to use your land. It could be animals from a neighbouring farm have breached a fence. The reason for it though, doesn’t really matter. If you have tried without success to contact the owner of the animals to ask for them to be removed.

Who is liable for the health and safety of the animals?

Not only is the fly grazing depriving you of the use of your land, but is also possible that you as the land owner could be held accountable for the health and condition of the animal as per The British Horse Society. This may also include any damage caused by them.

The Control of Horses Act has been introduced in May 2015 which means that you — (and us working on your behalf as your agents) have a clearly defined set of rules, we can use to provide an efficient and effective horse removal service.

How do I organise a Horse Bailiffs removal from private land?

In order to ensure that the horses are removed as quickly as possible for their welfare and protect your land you should:

If you need help to remove horses and stop fly grazing on your land, please contact us on this email address, or telephone 0208 004 4644 for immediate action!

Horse Removal - fly grazing