Mystery Shopper

Covering the UK for Mystery Shopper Services, using State of the Art Surveillance Technology.

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

Mystery shopping is one of the most accurate methods of quality control in the retail and service industries. As long as you use someone you can trust to complete the mystery shopper service to your satisfaction.

In the ever increasingly competitive market place, many companies are claiming that their business stands out over their competitors because of their commitment to delivering excellent customer service. In fact, leading marketers now suggest that in the current economic climate price is becoming less important than customer experience, in creating a loyal customer base, having a mystery shopper helps with this.
This is where Alpha 1 Legal Services can help you. Using our private investigation mystery shopper techniques to carry out the perfect mystery shop.

What does a mystery shopper do?

We will gather the evidence you need to prove your staff are providing the level of service that you expect from them, or not.
Whether you are a service based industry, conducting your sales over the phone for example the insurance services, online stores or a business that has an open door on the high street we can provide a mystery shopper report that tells you about our experience with your business. This is from making the initial contact, to the completion of the transaction.

Our mystery shopper report will include:

This evidence will be gathered using audio and visual recording devices that are chosen especially to fit your mystery shopper job.
Please send the details of your request to the email address at the top of this page. With urgent enquiries, please call us and we will provide you with a single fee quote.
Mystery Shopper