Lie Detector Test

Lie detector test carried out nationwide by industry professional.

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A lie detector test can be a very good way of finding out the truth.

Polygraph tests are the same as the lie detector test that you see every other day on television. These are shows like Jeremy Kyle or the Trisha Goddard show. However, lie detector tests are getting used outside of television shows more and more. This is by private individuals and businesses alike.

When it comes to asking a loved one, or even an employee, to take a test, it can be tricky. However gone are the days when you have to rely on the body language. This is especially true if someone is employing their best poker face in order to deceive you. At Alpha 1 Legal Services, our professional Lie Testing Service can provide the answers.  Whether these are sensitive questions on common, private and corporate topics.

Why does a person ask for a test?

All of our highly trained test specialists, provide professional tests. This is achieved using the most accurate and up to date specialist polygraph testing equipment possible. This sensitive polygraph testing equipment is portable. This enables tests to be carried out at your home or in an office. This is normally providing there is a quiet room that can be used for about 2 to 3 hours. Upon completion of the test, the results will be analysed and a full report will be provided to both parties.

As our lie detector testing specialists are all members of the British Polygraph Association you can be sure that they will meet and exceed the standards set by this organisation when carrying out a confidential lie detector test. The test consists of 3 parts:

  1. The specialist will take time to discuss the issue and decide which questions to ask. The specialist will then go through the questions.
  2. The person taking the lie detector test will be connected to the polygraph equipment. The specialist will ask the questions that were discussed in section 1 several times.
  3. The specialist will analyse the results of the lie detector test and provide a full report in the manner agreed.

The specialists hired by Alpha 1 Legal Services always aim to provide a confidential lie detector testing service. All of our lie detector testing is completed with an inclusive fee.

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