Travellers Evicted from Illegal Camp

Posted 11:00 29 December 2013

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A private landowner was given a shock during the bank holiday weekend when an illegal traveller camp was set up on their retail park.

This occurred to the north of Gloucester on Saturday afternoon. Within no time, the camp was set up.
Once the land was occupied, the owners tried to negotiate with the travellers to get them to move but they were adamant that they were staying until the following Tuesday, which would have created mayhem for the business within the retail park.
The landowners made the decision to do something about it and scoured the internet for companies who could help. They found Alpha 1 Legal Services. Once we had explained the procedure and the landowner was happy, they instructed us to attend.
Our agent attended and served all caravans and people with Notice to Vacate the private land by 08:00 hours the following morning.
Needless to say the travellers had not moved when our team turned up the following morning. Therefore our specialist team of bailiffs went to work. At first the travellers were having none of it, point blank refusing to leave until our team leader explained exactly what would happen if they did not (which really they already know, as the majority of travellers know how to ‘play the game’ so to speak’).
After a bit of negotiation the job was completed, the landowner was overjoyed and we have another satisfied client who will use our services again, not only for traveller eviction but also for commercial rent arrears collection and commercial forfeiture of leases.