Mystery Shopping in the London Area

Posted 1:25 13 September 2015

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Mystery shopping in London is the topic of this week’s case study. We accepted the job of mystery shopping for a medium sized retail business that had eight shops across London.

The mystery shopping visits in Hampstead, Greenwich, Woolwich, Notting Hill, Clapham and Bethnal Green all went without a hitch and the business owner was happy with the report.
In Stratford and Brixton it was a different story for different reasons. In Stratford our mystery shopper turned up to the shop looking for a very particular item that was difficult to get hold of. (This was at the request of the business owner to check the product knowledge of the staff.) Although the shop was quite busy our mystery shopper was still dealt with quite quickly. The member of staff was neatly turned out. She asked for the item and was told that the shop did not stock that particular item in a surly manner and was not offered any alternative. This experience formed the basis of the impartial report written report to the business owner, which was then used to form a personal development plan for the member of staff.
In Brixton our mystery shopper was greeted with a smile as soon as she walked through the door. The staff member was very friendly and asked about the reason the item was needed. She offered alternatives and suggested the best way to use the item. The staff member knew exactly where to find the item and the purchase was completed. This was an outstanding example of customer service and the business owner decided to reward the staff member based on our report.
In all of these mystery shopping visits our written report was backed up with visual and audio recorded evidence using our high tech equipment.
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