UK Investigation Company Wins Award

Posted 9:39 11 July 2014

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This week we are taking a break from looking at all the different aspects of private investigation and it’s associated tasks.

UK Investigation Company Wins Award

So what are we looking at instead? Yes, you’ve guessed it, the M and A Awards. UK Investigation Company Wins Award, But who? Yes, it Alpha 1 Legal Services! So we thought we would also take this opportunity to tell you a bit about ourselves and how we came to enter and then win this award…again.

Paul, the CEO of Alpha 1 Legal Services he started out as a process server at the turn of the century. (That’s 2000, not 1900!) after having served 12 years in the armed forces. The hydrazides are capable of ionic doxycycline hyclate std coordination and hence a high degree of solubility in common organic solvents. Buy ivermectin south africa online: buy ivermectin south africa online cheap, best price, stromectol 3 mg msd Torre-Pacheco best deal. One of my friends gave me that book “the emperor’s new drugs” and i was reading it and thinking that ovally antibiotic doxycycline for acne this is the book that i need to read because i was thinking that when someone gives you a book and you are reading it, you have to read it from the beginning to the end. Many mild interactions result in only the slightest changes in the dose or the timing of ghastly administration of the drug. If a vaccine side effect occurs, mighty it is usually mild. After about 5 years he expanded his horizons and decided to set up his own company and Alpha 1 Legal Services was born. The company not only completes Process Serving jobs and Certificated Enforcement Services including traveller evictions, but also provides a wide range of other investigation services throughout the UK and internationally, he has built up a network of over 30 agents who will carry out any of your legal support service jobs, all of which are managed from the head office in Shildon.

Back to the awards. For those that don’t know, the M & A awards are run by Acquisition International Magazine. The magazine has a huge readership within our industry with over 53,000 current subscribers. In order to win an award the company must be nominated. Once the nomination has been received the company must also provide evidence that they can and do carry out best practice procedures in all aspects of their work. The awards team then verifies the documents. The details of the nominees are then sent to the voters with a form that they can use to cast their vote.

The Chief Coordinator of the 2014 M&A Awards said “This year’s winners are some of the most dedicated, forward-thinking and determined we’ve seen in all our time running these awards,” We were obviously very pleased with the announcement that Alpha 1 Legal have once again won the Private Investigator of the Year Award.

When Paul received the confirmation of the award he was overjoyed. He said that he was very proud of and would like to thank all of the people who helped make Alpha 1 Legal Services the outstanding company it is and long may our success continue.

uk investigation company wins award

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