Traveller Eviction in Derby off a Clients Private Land

Posted 2:07 6 December 2021

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Earlier in the month, our traveller eviction in Derby bailiff team were contacted by a private land owner.

The landowner (of an industrial estate), was concerned that a group of travellers had turned up on their private land. There were also concerns that they’d heard they were breaking into the empty units. The bailiff took the clients details and said there would be an agent on the way within 30 minutes to serve notice and tell them to leave immediately.

When the agent from the traveller eviction in Derby bailiffs team arrived on site, they noted 5 caravans in total, with approximately 4-5 other types of motor vehicle on site. There was a group of adult males & females standing around an open fire, crudely made from an oil drum, in the middle of the car park. The agent politely asked who was in charge and an adult male said he was. The agent therefore handed him a notice and said they must leave immediately as they had no permission from the landowner to be there. The adult male laughed, tore up the paper and threw it at the agent. He said they were going nowhere and the landowner needed a Court Order to remove them. The agent politely pointed out that this was in fact not the case and, again stated they needed to move immediately. He gained no response the second time. The agent affixed the remainder of the notices to the caravans he was told belonged to people who weren’t there.

As the travellers did not move, the traveller eviction in Derby bailiff team arrived on site nice and early the next day. They began knocking on the caravans at around 8am. No response was forthcoming for around 20 minutes, until the adult male the agent had spoken the day before, emerged from his caravan. Again he stated that they weren’t moving and the landowner needed a Court Order. The traveller eviction in Derby bailiff team leader spoke with he adult male and informed him they had to move immediately, or the caravans would be towed off onto the public highway, which was the landowners right to do. The adult male said they were bluffing, so, the bailiff team leader called for a tow truck to come to the site. On hearing this, the adult male changed his tune and, said there was no need for that and that they would move, but needed time. The bailiff team leader spoke with the landowner and, it was agreed they could have until 1pm to be gone from the land.

The bailiff team leader again spoke with the adult male and it was agreed with a handshake that they would be gone by 1pm. A couple of the males had gone to look for a new place to go whilst everyone else was packing up and tidying up the general area (apart from the burn in the concrete where the oil drum fire had been).

By 12:30, the males had returned and stated they had found another appropriate site and hurried everyone on to be gone by 1pm. At 12:56 all the caravans and other vehicles had vacated the clients private land, needless to ay they were very happy that everything had been dealt with so swiftly and professionally without any problems.

Another happy client gained repossession of their private land and, without the need for a lengthy court Process, and completed in under 48 hours!

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