Traveller Eviction in Bracknell on Behalf of a House Builder

Posted 2:18 25 November 2021

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Late last month, our traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team received a call from a very concerned landowner.

The caller (a home builder) stated 15 caravans had turned up on a site they were developing and were causing problems for their teams on site with health and safety concerns. They said that some of the travellers had been abusive to their staff and some were demanding money to move, thankfully which, they didn’t pay!

The landowner said they had been told to get a Court Order, but, after speaking to another company in the area, they were advised to call us, as our traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team could organise it and evict within 48 hours.

Once all the details for the site were provided, our traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team leader sent someone to serve the notice on the travellers. When the agent arrived, it was ascertained that there were in fact 17 caravans on the site, along with 4×4’s and tipper trucks, with a few dogs running free.

The agent managed to speak with a male and female on the site who said they were going nowhere until next week and that they needed a Court Order to move them. The agent politely and professionally handed them the notice stating they must leave now, as they have no permission to be on the private land. They both tore the notices up and threw them into the mud. The agent carried on knocking on the caravans (receiving verbal abuse as he did so), subsequent notices were all affixed to the caravans on site. When the agent was off site, he called the landowner and informed them that all the caravans had been given notice to move immediately. The landowner said they would monitor the situation and if they moved, they would be in touch with the traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team.

Bright and early the next day, a large team from the traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team turned up on site. After speaking with the landowner, the green light was given and the bailiffs began knocking on the caravan door to wake up the occupants. It mustve taken at least 40 minutes of knocking before somebody came out of one of the caravans, hurling verbal abuse at the bailiff team. He was shouting that he was going to do this, and do that to the bailiff team. As always, the bailiffs acted professionally and took it in their stride to ride out the abuse, and let the male calm down.

After around 2 hours of negotiating between the travellers and the landowner, it was agreed that they could have up until 1pm to go to find somewhere new to go to, and leave the landowners site. 3 adults males left the site in one of the 4×4’s to look for a new location. Whilst they were away, the remainder began to pack up all their belongings into the caravans/vehicles. By this time too it was raining heavily and the ground was turning into a quagmire.

At approximately 12pm, the adult males returned and said they had located a new ‘camp’ approximately 10 miles away. They all finished packing up and hooking up their own caravans. However, as one was pulling off it got stuck in the mud, taking them an extra hour to get it out.

Eventually, all the caravans vacated the land and the landowner had repossession, to say they were happy would be an understatement! They couldn’t thank the traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team enough for acting so quickly and resolving the situation for them.

Another positive result for the traveller eviction in Bracknell bailiff team, and again, all done within 48 hours with NO NEED for a Court Order!

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