Private Investigators & Process Serving

Posted 1:35 16 November 2013

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As a professional process serving company it never ceases to amaze and mystify us here at Alpha 1 Legal Services, particularly on a Friday.

At approximately 4:30 in the afternoon, we will receive a stream of calls from solicitors, government departments and other agencies with a request process serving to serve documents upon an individual or company, and that they would like them serving immediately. Alternatively, they have a subject that needs investigating or needs a surveillance put on them in the next 10 minutes. This a logistical nightmare!
Being a professional private investigation and process company operating nationally and internationally (when necessary). We are called upon on a daily basis to serve legal papers from Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Petitions, Divorce Petitions to Injunction Orders.
We are up to date with all legal aspects of process serving, and will provide a Certificate of Service, Statement of Service, or an Affidavit.
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