Process Server In York Successfully Serves Legal Paperwork

Posted 11:04 17 October 2015

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In this case study, we will be looking at two cases that our process server in York has recently been asked to deal with.

Our process server in York was asked to serve a Child Arrangement Order. Child Arrangement Orders have replaced the Residency Orders that were issued before 2014.

In the first case our process server in York was to serve the child arrangement order to a young woman. She was known to be taking the child to a breakfast club at 7:50. Then would be going to her job at the office, to start at 8:30 am on the other side of York.

To ensure that the child was not there when the parent was served, our process server waited outside the office. He served her before she went in. The lady asked our process server what the document contained. He told her it was to do with the custody case. She became upset and started to shout at and threaten our process server.

He used his excellent communication skills to calm her down. Our process server in York completed the proof of service documentation. This was sent it back to the solicitor within 24 hours of the work order being issued.

The second case involved no aggro at all. The process server team was given the job of serving a divorce petition. It had to be served to a man who had been caught cheating by his wife. The work order was received in to the office at 10:30am. By 10:45 the process server was on his way to the husband’s home address.

When he got there, he knocked on the door and a child answered. He asked if her father was home and she ran back inside. The man came to the door and was served. Once again the relevant paper work was sent back to the solicitor within 24 hours.

These are two examples of the types of cases our process server in York deals with on a regular basis.

Alpha 1 Legal Services have professional process servers in York and all across the North East and the rest of the UK.

The closest County Court to York is YORK COUNTY COURT

As a Process Server in York, we serve all legal documents issued from York County Court.


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