Process Server In Stoke Serves An N39

Posted 11:22 4 September 2015

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Our process server in Stoke was asked by a solicitor to serve a N39 Order to Attend Court for Questioning in the Bentilee area on Tuesday last week. The process server had been given the address of the subject of the N39 Order. The background of the case was made clear to our process server.

There was a dispute between two small business owners based in the Fenton area. One of them had contacted a solicitor and they had told him that that they had had a problem with a client (the respondent) who was disputing whether a bill had been paid. The Stoke on Trent Combined Court issued the N39 to attend court for questioning for the client living in Lyme Brook. The solicitor contacted our process server in Stoke.

It was suggested that the best place to personally serve the respondent was at his place of business.

When our legal process server in Stoke turned up at the respondent’s business in Fenton at 9:30 on the next morning, he found that the shutters were down and that the business appeared to have been closed down. For our process server in Stoke on Trent this meant he had to go to the respondent’s home address in Lyme Brook and complete the process serve there instead. Once there the process server handed the N39 legal document to the respondent and completed a proof of service, the service was then complete. This was achieved within 24 hours of the original request from the solicitor.

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The closest County Court to Stoke on Trent is STOKE ON TRENT COUNTY COURT

As a Process Server in Stoke on Trent, we serve all legal documents issued from Stoke on Trent County Court.

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