Process Server In Cambridge Serves A Non-Molestation Order

Posted 9:54 28 August 2015

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It was 3pm on a Friday afternoon when our Process Server in Cambridge was contacted by a local law firm to deliver an urgent Non-Molestation Order. The Legal Order needed to be served as quickly as possible because the client was afraid that his wife would possibly return to the house to create a violent argument.

Our  process server in Cambridge picked up the order from the solicitors office 4:45pm on the same day and took a description of the client’s wife, the addresses of where she was staying and where she was currently working. Our process server in Cambridge also managed to obtain some details that were known about her routine.
As the woman worked shifts and the client was unsure of her current rota, our process server went to where she was staying first. After knocking several times and not receiving an answer, he went to where she worked. He was advised that she had been on annual leave but would be due back in on the next day.
Our Process Server in Cambridge knew that she had been going to an exercise class on Friday evenings, so he arrived early and waited outside the building where the class was held and five minutes before the class started the woman showed and the legal document was successfully served.
To complete the job our process server filled in the relevant proof of service and sent this to the solicitor handling the case in Cambridge County Court.
Alpha 1 Legal Services Process Server works on a fixed fee basis, except for Legal Aid work, which is at current Legal Aid rates.
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The closest County Court to Cambridge is CAMBRIDGE COUNTY COURT

As a Process Server in Cambridge, we serve all legal documents issued from Cambridge County Court.

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