A Process Server Is Worth The Money

Posted 9:09 19 September 2014

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The UK government has put a pot of money aside to help people pay for legal services and has been around since 1949.

Before this there was something called Poor Man’s Laws, the fees of a court appointed counsel would be waived. Legal Aid is one of the many benefits of living in the UK.
It can be used in civil or criminal cases as long as certain financial criteria are met by the beneficiary of the benefit. It helps bring justice to the people, but does it pay a fair rate for the services rendered by the process server?

Is A Process Server Worth The Money? 

When you consider the role of a process server, you find that there is much more to the job than you first think. Let’s take a quick look at a day – sometimes longer in the life of one.

The Legal Aid Agency have made a document that outlines the funding options for each of the different services that may be needed during a legal proceeding and you will see that Process Serving is the least expensive legal service along with interpreting. However as you can see, you need an extensive and unique skill set to be a top process server.
When you hire a process server at Alpha 1 Legal Services you can be sure of a professional and prompt service.
process server worth the money