Process Server In Basingstoke Is Highly Successful

Posted 2:28 18 December 2015

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It is the responsibility of our process server in Basingstoke to deliver legal documents in a prompt manner. This post serves as a stark reminder to those who think they can overspend at Christmas and not face the consequences.

Our process server in Basingstoke tells us of two of his cases that he has worked last month. The problems for the respondents started last Christmas though. In case one we meet Mrs one. In case two, Mr Two. (As always the names in this post have been changed to protect the identity of the respondents involved.)

Case 1
Mrs One had been hitting several catalogues hard last Christmas. She thought she would be able to make the monthly payments with her highly paid job. She had been making more than the minimum payment for the first few months. Then like so many people these days she lost her job. Without unemployment insurance she was soon making only the minimum payment. The interest had started building up and then she defaulted on 3 consecutive instalments. The solicitor employed by the catalogue company contacted the Alpha 1 Legal Services process server in Basingstoke to serve a statutory demand. Within 24 hours the statutory demand had been served and proof of service sent back to solicitor.

Case 2
The second case involves a company owned by Mr Two. Christmas 2014 was just around the corner and Mr Two bought some high value technology stock for his shop. The goods were not bought on a sale or return basis. Unfortunately all of the goods did not sell. Mr Two could not pay his supplier. The legal team for the supplier contacted our process server in Basingstoke. A statutory demand was served on Mr Two at his shop premises later the next day. The proof of service was completed and returned.

Alpha 1 Legal Services work on behalf of legal teams and the general public to serve documents for a fixed fee in Basingstoke and beyond in a prompt and professional manner.

The closest County Court to Basingstoke is BASINGSTOKE COUNTY COURT

As a Process Server in Basingstoke, we serve all legal documents issued from Basingstoke County Court.


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