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Posted 9:00 1 May 2015

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Data Recovery and Private Investigators

Data recovery techniques are a specialist skill honed by professional private investigators. We should all know by now that posting on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and the myriad of other social media sites can cause some serious issues between husbands and wives, friends, relatives and employers. A simple post uploaded while out on the town, a seemingly innocuous comment on a family saga can cause ructions that last a long time. It’s worth knowing that once you have posted the post, uploaded the picture or even sent that email it is never really deleted.
There have been a couple reports in The Sentinel over the last month or so about benefit cheats that have been caught through Facebook posts. In the first case a women was found guilty of defrauding the government of £16,000 through claiming housing benefit, income support and jobs seekers allowance. The authorities were alerted with a tip off. It was the profile on Facebook that helped clinch the conviction. She had been claiming to live alone, when in fact her profile stated that she was  in a relationship. The prosecutors also presented insurance documents that were in her and her partners name.
The second story a few days later was also about a woman, this time the woman was in receipt of one benefit. She had claimed more than £7000 in housing benefit that she was not entitled to, although the court had decided that she was entitled to the benefit when the claim was first put in.
It’s not just the benefit cheats that are caught out on social media. The Daily Mail published a story about a bigamist that was caught out by the Ice  Bucket Challenge that took Facebook by storm last year, showing that it’s not just ranting or drunken posts that can expose lies. Andrew had been living a secret life for four years and one Facebook post brought it all crashing down.  Even if Andrew had deleted the post a professional private investigator with the right tools would be able to recover the post and reveal the truth.
It must be said that there are rules about accessing data on any electronic device, therefore if you are considering finding the truth using data recovery techniques, it is best to use professional private investigators, who should be aware of all of the rules and be willing to operate within them.
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