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Posted 11:20 24 July 2015

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Our private investigator in Oldham, received a call from a middle aged woman, living in Oldham in Greater Manchester (who shall, of course remain nameless).

We won’t tell you how upset the lady was or the all of the back story that she told our private investigator in Oldham about (that wasn’t really pertinent to the investigation), just the important points that allowed our private investigator in Oldham to target the investigation, ensuring a cost effective resolution.

What our private investigator in Oldham did on the call:

Once that information had been ascertained he could begin to plan his investigation. Our private investigator in Oldham had several options.

In this particular case the subject was an expert at covering his tracks, and we had to use all of these methods to create the detailed report that would prove the affair to his wife. The wife in this story confronted her husband, and now that the truth was out in the open they have managed to work things out and as far as we know are now happily married again.
If you think that your husband or wife has made a choice to be unfaithful, then call us now to speak to one of our professional private investigators in Oldham and find the peace of mind that you deserve.
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