Private Investigator In Middlesbrough Helps To Find A Missing Person

Posted 12:41 25 September 2015

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Alpha 1 Legal Services’ Private Investigator in Middlesbrough is regularly asked to locate missing people, this case study is about such a case.

Quite a few years ago, the family and friends of a woman from Middlesbrough had become concerned that she wasn’t answering her phone and she hadn’t been seen around the local area for some time. The police had said that there was very little they could do as she was a grown woman with a history of disappearing for a few weeks at a time. This of course did not stop the family and friends of the woman worrying about her. They called on our private investigator in Middlesbrough for answers.
By the time the family had contacted our private investigator in Middlesbrough it had been several years since her last phone call to her mother to say she was doing all right. She had never given any hint about her location.
Our private investigator was happy to take the case. The private investigator found out as much as he could about the background of the woman from the person who asked him to take the case. The first step was to look at the electoral role to see if there was anyone matching her details registered to vote in Middlesbrough. This didn’t bring up any results.
The next step was to look at social media sites. Her relatives had advised that she had been quite active on Facebook and Instagram. With the search criteria of age and date of birth, the name of the school and college she had attended, it was quite easy for our professional private investigator to find an active social media account. This was even though she had got married in the meantime! There were however no contact details on the public profile.
Our private investigator in Middlesbrough sent a friend request with a message from her family. Within a few hours a message was received back to say that our private investigator could tell the family that she was alive and well and happily living in Newcastle. However she did not want to reconnect with her past at this time.
The family involved were upset that she didn’t want to speak to them again, but they found some relief knowing that she had made a new life for herself.
When you feel like you have looked in every place possible for your loved family member or friend and need more help, please contact Alpha 1 Legal Services. Our specialist private investigator in Middlesbrough is here to help.
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