Private Investigator in Durham Tackles Anti Social Behaviour

Posted 9:40 26 October 2015

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Alpha 1 Legal Services private investigator in Durham isĀ finding that they are getting more and more work as evidence gatherers for cases about antisocial behaviour. The increased demand for this type of service could be as a result of massive policing cuts.

Our private investigator in Durham was asked to collect evidence on a rundown estate. The complaint was made by one of the residents. Some of the parents on the estate were worried about people drug dealing on the estate. The residents had talked to each other. They were understandably worried about collecting evidence or even just reporting the antisocial behaviour to the police.
The decision was taken to call in our most experienced private investigator in Durham. The housing association that managed the estate paid the fee so there was no cost to the residents of the estate.
The private investigator carried out a covert surveillance operation in the more troubled part of the estate. He picked out of his kit bag the most appropriate high tech wi-fi surveillance equipment that is made to Alpha 1 Legal Services very own specification. He picked a prime location to hide the camera. It was secured in close proximity to where the drug dealing was known to take place and the investigator withdrew approximately 1 kilometre away from the camera to view the footage. The camera had not been there long when a young man in a hooded coat started loitering in front of the flats. Then within another couple of minutes a girl walked past and the investigator caught on camera the two people passing something very small to each other in a very suspiciously sneaky way. This was the first evidence of a drug deal.
The private investigator kept the camera in position until the following morning. He recorded lots more suspicious behaviour. This provided more evidence that included several males coming to talk to him and quickly walking off. The video footage showed that it was obvious they had passed something that they were trying to hide.
Our private investigator in Durham submitted the video evidence and a written report to the police the very next day. The police used the evidence to help secure a conviction. It turned out that the people involved were all under 18 and so names and case details are unavailable.
If you need to provide evidence of any type of antisocial behaviour Alpha 1 Legal Services has the private investigator to help.
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