Private Investigator In Derby Catches A Charity Thief

Posted 10:01 20 November 2015

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Our private investigator in Derby was surprised when they got a call from a local charity shop. As we all know charity shops receive donations of not just money but clothes, furniture and other items too.

The charity shop in question (which our private investigator in Derby was asked to look into) takes in all sorts of things, from designer clothes and handbags to supermarket branded clothes and shoes to big ticket items of furniture and even pedal bikes. They were a fairly quiet shop. The shop was run by volunteers.
The manager (we will call her Jane) had started to notice that although some of the higher priced items were no longer in the shop or stock room, there had been no increase in takings. She suspected that someone might have been helping themselves. She struggled to get any evidence, although she had heard gossip amongst the other volunteers. With no other options, the shop manager called our private investigators in Derby.

What our Private Investigator in Derby did.

The private investigator in Derby completed a site visit and it was agreed that the plan of action would be for the manager to let the private investigator know when the suspect volunteer was due to work. He would carry out a surveillance operation at the end of the volunteers shift. He would do this for 3 shifts.

The Investigation.

The private investigator in Derby parked up with the staff at the exit to the shop with the suspect’s car in view. He was in a non-descript van and set his high tech wide angled lens camera recording.
On the first two days the volunteer was captured on tape bringing out a couple of carrier bags. Although this wasn’t conclusive, he did appear to be acting in a suspicious manner. It was like he didn’t want to be seen
A prized donation was an adult sized bike. Jane expected a quick turnaround on the bike because it was in pristine condition. When Jane came in the next morning she noticed that the bike had gone. She asked the volunteer who was in that morning if he knew who had sold the bike. He said no, but there were a few volunteers in and out organising stock and taking turns on the till. She proceeded to check the takings from the previous day. She had expected that there would be more than usual in the till because the bike had been marked up at £50.
This happened on the 3rd and last day of the surveillance operation and the volunteer was caught red handed. The footage was given to Jane who confronted the volunteer and stopped him coming in to the shop. Jane told Alpha 1 Legal Services that the Derby police force had used the video recording as evidence in a prosecution.

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