Lie Detector & Cheating Spouses

Posted 7:35 27 March 2015

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Polygraph (lie detector) machines are known for being truth finders hence the common name of lie detectors. In this post we will be looking briefly at their history and reliability and the devastating effect the results can have if they prove you have a cheating spouse or partner.

In America as far back as 1911 there was a hope that the costs of the justice system could be dramatically reduced as the Psychometer, the earliest type of lie detector, would entirely remove the need for jury trials, solicitors and police detectives. The thought was that the machine would adjudicate guilt or innocence and then a judge would pass sentence.
Over 80 years ago Leonard Keeler was a key player in the creation of the lie detectors as we know them today. The machine was first used in a murder trial of two men. The machine showed changes in blood pressure, breathing and pulse rate when asked certain questions relating to their involvement in the crime. You can find more details on our Facebook Page.
These days the machines are of a much more technical nature, although they still test for blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing pattern changes. It’s more the responses that are called into question. The argument is that changes in these physiological involuntary reactions have not been specifically assigned to the concept of deception and nervousness, or other emotional or physical conditions, could be causing the spikes in the results. It is also common for the results to be inconclusive. This happens when there is no change between the control questions and the questions relating to the pertinent subject.
Polygraph tests are now playing a part in popular culture. We see them used regularly by investigators on TV crime dramas and in reality TV programmes like Jeremy Kyle. Quite often on his show Jeremy exposes cheating spouses and partners by subjecting them to the dreaded lie detector and then makes judgment’s about the results. The only problem is we have seen that the results are not necessarily accurate. In a case of an allegedly cheating girlfriend (who completely denies being unfaithful) She passed the question about actually sleeping with another person, but failed when the tester asked about passionately kissing another person.  The boyfriend was devastated and was inconsolable as he stormed off the stage. Their lives changed forever.
The only way to be 100% sure that your partner is cheating is to catch them in the act with an investigator using a polygraph. Here at Alpha 1 Legal Services you can be sure that the evidence we obtain is gathered in an ethical and empathetic manner.
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