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Posted 2:23 9 May 2014

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Builders have hammers, plumbers have plungers. Every trade person has their own collection of essential tools without which their job would be nigh on impossible. Private investigators are no exception.

Private Investigator Essentials

This post looks at the top 5 tools every local private investigator should own.
1. Cobra Deluxe Spy Stick. Retailing at approximately £110 this USB device downloads a piece of software onto a PC or Laptop that will record all the activity on that computer including websites visited and keystrokes used. It can also be set to take periodic screen shots.
2. Visual recording equipment. A definite part of private investigator essentials. Whether you have a 10 megapixel digital stills camera with an optical zoom of x16 or a high powered video camera recording straight onto a DVD, it must have the facility to date and time stamp the records accurately. The new GoPro HERO3 camera has some key qualities that make it stand out:

This product retails at approximately £190
3. GPS Tiny Vehicle Tracker. One of these devices will set you back about £160, but then you will also have to pay monthly to use the network so that the devices can send you updates. This weatherproof model of GPS tracker is magnetic so it’s easy to apply to most vehicles. The device can be set up to send email or text alerts to your mobile phone every half an hour for the next 24 hours for example. If you don’t need the updates that regularly you can just call or text the device which will then send you an automated reply with the location of the vehicle in either a map or coordinates format.
4.Bug detectors. These devices vary significantly in price depending on what you need it for.  One that is well worth considering is the Pocket Combi Bug Detector. Even though it’s a very compact design, you can still use it to detect audio and visual listening devices. Quite surprisingly, it’s also capable of detecting a GPS tracking device.
5. IPhones or Android equivalents have helped private investigators reduce the amount of pieces of equipment that the need to keep in their cars or vans. They can be used as GPS systems, video and voice recorders and there are many word processing and office apps so that you don’t even need the more traditional paper and pen to make notes. The camera quality may not be all that great for distance recording though.
Alpha 1 Legal Services will take this opportunity to remind you that all the tools and private investigator essentials must be used within the law.
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