Posted 8:38 20 July 2015

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Using counter surveillance hacking methods in your home and office is not always enough. It is definitely a good start though.

Hacking……………..The problem is, we don’t just use our internet connected devices in the home and office. Almost everywhere we go there are free WIFI hotspots.

Hacking has hit the news this week as more politicians have had their internet data hacked. This was with their permission so no state secrets have been delivered in to the hands of the wrong people. Thankfully this hacking was part of an experiment run by The Research Institute in Science of Cyber Security and two other companies.

The experiment showed that while connected to a free WIFI spot hackers were able to break through a complicated password and access emails. In this case they left the evidence of them being in the computer by creating an email detailing how the politician was going to leave his current party and join UKIP. They left it in the draft folder but if their intent was not honourable it could have been sent. It also highlighted the problem of using the same passwords for different accounts.

It is worth noting that it’s not just free WIFI that can be a problem. In 2014 the Government carried out a Cyber Security Survey and they claimed that a massive 81% of big companies have had a malevolent data breach.

We know that there can be a problem with using the indispensable internet. How can we protect ourselves while on the go?

  1. Anti-Virus and firewall Software. There are many types of Anti-Virus software available and even the free ones can lower the risk to the data stored on your devices that are connected to the internet.
  2. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This type network makes it difficult for hackers to decrypt your data.

When you are at home or the office it is still prudent to employ the measures above, however it can also be worth your while to employ the services of a counter surveillance specialist.
If you believe you might be a target of cybercrime please contact one of our highly trained counter surveillance hacking operatives on the above email address or phone number.