Fighting Fraud With Surveillance

Posted 9:27 11 April 2014

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Do you know why your insurance premiums go up even when you haven’t made a claim? Most people would hazard the correct guess that it is really down to the cost of fraudulent claims.

Fighting Fraud………According to the Insurance Fraud Bureau the Association of British Insurers estimates the real cost to the average insurance policyholder is £50 a year, for motorists this could be as much as £90. This is in order to cover the deficit in profit caused by the many unscrupulous and fraudulent claims that costs the industry approximately £2.1 billion each year.
So what are the most common types of fraud? Surprisingly, they are not all related to the motor industry.

How Will A Private Investigator Help In fighting fraud? 

What will a private investigator do to determine if a fraudulent act has taken place?

These lists are not exhaustive, but aim to provide an insight into why and how a private investigator will garner evidence to allow the insurance companies to deny fraudulent claims and submit the evidence to the court in order to convict the wrong doers that are costing us all money.
fighting fraud