Drone Rules & Cheating Spouses

Posted 9:15 10 April 2015

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You may have seen our Facebook post earlier this week about the private investigator in America who openly uses a drone during her investigations. What makes this story interesting to the UK private investigation industry is not only the types of investigations the drones can be useful for, but also how legislation is being formed about their use across the different states.

Types of Drone Investigation

Legislation in America

Legislation in the UK

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have issued regulations for the use of drones in the UK. Here we will look at some of those regulations that apply to drones that weigh 20Kgs or less.

Some believe that the restrictions imposed make the use of drones impractical for an investigation into cheating spouses, however as technology improves they may become a much more important part of the investigators tool kit.
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