Counter Surveillance Techniques

Posted 9:42 20 June 2014

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One of the main themes in our blog has been surveillance, whether it’s been the equipment used or the benefits of using surveillance techniques to catch a cheating husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or partner. For this mini series of posts we will be looking at counter surveillance techniques.

The first post is about using counter surveillance techniques technology to check whether you are being watched, which is handy for either private people who are doing things they may not want other people to know about such as a clandestine affair or small and large companies alike, who need to keep industrial secrets especially in their research and development departments.

In this post we will see the features of current technology that can help you detect bugging devices of a visual or audio nature.

Analogue Wire Tap Detectors: Most people have heard of phone tapping through TV programmes and the like. There was a time when the only readily available communication over long distances was the landline telephone. The Analogue Wire Tap Detector is a device that is fitted to the telephone. As many homes and businesses still use a landline this is still a widely used surveillance technique that you may need to counter.

Mobile Phone Spy Protector Boxes: These nifty little devices don’t necessarily tell you if anyone is listening in to your conversations, but they do emit a white noise that means that no one can eavesdrop.
Hidden Camera Detectors: As we all know, cameras have become so small and they can be adapted to fit into any household item and still have the resolution quality that will transmit a good picture to the person or team that have requested the surveillance. The hidden camera detector enables you to find almost any camera using a laser and interpreting its reflection.

Of course you may be at risk of one or several methods of surveillance at the same time. In this case you may find it easier to use an RF detector. This type of detector will help you find any wireless device in the detectors vicinity because wireless devices operate within the radio wave spectrum.

Here at Alpha 1 Legal Services we are not only experts in surveillance but also in the ways to avoid the intrusions of anyone who has chosen you to be the their person of interest. If you have any questions about counter surveillance techniques, please feel free to contact us via: –
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