Cheating Wife

Posted 6:46 14 November 2014

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In our recent posts we have generally classified the cheat as the husband, although relationship statistics released earlier this year show that 14% of married women admit to cheating. The same research revealed that the average length of an affair is 2 years. If you suspect you have a cheating wife or girlfriend a professional Private Investigator can use the tech in their toolbox to help you establish a pattern of suspicious behaviour and even catch them at it.

Last week we looked at the common features of the types of camera included in their tool kit. This week it’s the turn of the vehicle tracking system.

All of the Alpha 1 Legal Services agents are fully competent in using a wide range of the latest technology to ensure that you find out the truth as expeditiously and ethically as possible.
Please note that all of our agents will only operate within the scope of the law.
cheating wife