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Posted 11:06 7 November 2014

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We are staying with the theme of catching a cheating husbands again this week as we look at the features of the cameras available in today’s market that a professional Private Investigator keeps in their investigation tool kit.

Probably the most sophisticated technology for surveillance is the MK1 Eyeball, (for the uninitiated this is the nickname for your own eyes). However with just your own eyes as a record the evidence can be disputed. This is why private investigators often prefer to rely on electrical visual and audio recording equipment.
Mini cameras are a must when trying to catch your cheating husband in a compromising position. Modern technology means that they can even be fitted to items of clothing such as glasses or buttons, or placed in conspicuous places because they can be disguised as many different everyday items. They can be battery operated or charged at the mains. You will often need to supplement this equipment with a USB recording device. Then you need to be able to download the information to a computer, although advances in wireless technology means that some newer models will be able to record and save data straight to the cloud.
Black and white cameras are used extensively in property security situations, however with the advent of the iPhone it’s becoming more popular that Private Investigators use this device when they are on the move. The most recent iPhone has a great camera with autofocus and 8 megapixels making it easy to take the still picture or video, which can be saved to the 16GB internal storage.
For nighttime surveillance of cheating husbands, cameras with an infrared or night vision capability are essential. Infrared cameras can be used in the daytime too, and they will record in full colour. When the camera is switched to infrared or night vision mode the recordings will be in black and white, however the quality on a decent camera is good enough to achieve clear images and capture the guilty cheating husband in the act.
When a Private Investigator is carrying out remote surveillance they may consider using fisheye technology in their choice of camera. This type of camera allows images to be recorded from every direction. They are easily monitored remotely. The only downside is that these cameras are usually fixed in place.
As always you can rely on Alpha 1 Legal Services to use the best available equipment to ensure the evidence we gather is indisputable.
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