Private Investigators & Cheating Husbands

Posted 2:17 22 May 2015

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When most people think of private investigators they think of someone who is always trying to catch a cheating husband or wife. Although there is often much more to a private investigator’s job, it is still the case that matrimonial matters are still the bread and butter jobs for most private investigators.

It could be that this may not be the case for much longer though.
Did you know that there are websites out there that are designed to help people to be unfaithful. Not only are they out there, but some of them are created and managed abroad, with the website owners deciding to invest in the UK dating site market because they believe that in this country we have a lax attitude to monogamy. The long-term aim is to float the company on the stock exchange. However, one such site has failed to make its mark in Canada and the company was unable float on the stock exchange there. The sites owner tells the press that the site is intended to give people who want to have an affair, a place where they can meet other people who want to cheat discreetly. Although the owner says that people who use his site say their marriages have improved, he claims to have never cheated on his own wife.

Cheating Husband Statistics.

The story that has brought this into the news has been reported in the Daily Mail and other papers, as a Canadian company has claimed that cheating on your husband and wife actually improves a marriage. Let’s look at the facts according to the Office of National Statistics :

This seems to contradict the websites owner!
These statistics are only inclusive of the relationships that have been formalised by marriage or civil partnership. The amount of relationships that break down because of cheating outside of marriage would probably be much higher because, as we know, there are many more families living together without a marriage certificate.
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cheating husband statistics