Cheating Husband Prenuptial

Posted 9:26 26 September 2014

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It’s been a while since we last looked at cheating husband,wife,boyfriend,girlfriend and divorce, so we thought we would revisit this issue, but from a different perspective, a cheating husband prenuptial.

When the divorce stats began in 1858 there was 24 divorces in the entire year as oppose to 118,140 in 2012. There were 262,240 marriages in 2012 meaning just under half of the new marriages were matched by newly divorced couples. It’s the pre-marriage relationships we are looking at this time as we delve in to the increasingly popular cheating husband prenuptial agreement.
A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that is reached between two people who are about to get married. The intention is to protect the interests of both parties in the marriage should the marriage end in divorce. It can detail not only who gets what, but how the couple should go about trying to resolve any issues in case of dispute.
In the news there have been some huge stories about the massive settlements that are being issued to the spouses of famous people. In order to protect their hard earned wealth, it’s becoming increasingly popular to agree to a prenuptial agreement.
The only trouble is some people are still quite reluctant to take this option, the main objections are :

It’s actually getting more and more common for people to hire private investigators to vet prospective partners as online dating becomes the primary way couples get together. A professional private investigator would be able to carry out a full background check. They can identify any previously dodgy behaviour and highlight any areas of concern such as previous marriages, assets, and of course their debts. It’s really important for the validity of the agreement that each of the parties accurately declare their assets. An attempt to hide assets may impact the judges final decision about how to split the assets.
cheating husband prenuptial