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Posted 12:04 21 March 2014

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Can you tell if your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating? What do you do if they deny it? How do you know if you have a cheating partner?

We can help catch cheating partner.

The statistics from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 2014 shows that 41% of married people admitted to some level of adultery. By some level, we mean that they have actually been cheating or they have been unfaithful emotionally.
Emotional cheating is when the person you are with has become emotionally tied to another person, it’s about more than having the occasional passing fancy.
What are the common themes in behaviour that can suggest that your wife or husband is straying from the marital home?

  1. Any change in behaviour patterns such as becoming more or less affectionate, lots of unexpected presents and staying late at work can be seen as suspicious.
  2. Hiding messages on their phones and social media platforms. The chance of this pointing to an affair is more likely if they have only recently started doing this.
  3. Fibbing about where they have been and spending more money than usual can also be a bit of a give away.

Just because your partner displays some or even all of these behaviours doesn’t automatically mean they are cheating, and it’s best to be sure before you accuse them because the accusation can damage an otherwise good relationship. A private investigator can help you find out for sure.
Methods used in catch cheating partner
There are certain things that a private investigator can do as part of an investigation: –

We will leave you with another couple of statistics: –
74% of men and 68% of women would cheat on their partner if they knew for a fact they would not get caught. A more reassuring fact (maybe) is that when an affair has been disclosed 31% of those relationships survive.
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