Bugging Device Detectors

Posted 12:23 27 November 2015

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This week our private investigator in South Yorkshire tells us about his use of bugging device detectors to ensure the safety of a young Mum.

The initiator of the bugging device detectors sweep was a young Mum (we will call her Martha, to protect her identity) Martha had sole custody of her young son. Due to a very acrimonious break up there had been problems with her ex-partner’s visitation with their son. (We will call him Mark) It was determined that the visitation would be at the same time and day each week. It should also take place at Martha’s home.

Why was a bugging device detector sweep necessary?

The visits happened a few times and the visits had seemed to go well. Mark had become friendly. All of a sudden he started to turn up at places where Martha had arranged to meet friends. It was happening too many times to be considered coincidence. Martha began to think that her home was no longer the safe and private place she had thought.
After this had been going on for a couple of weeks, Martha’s friends suggested that she hire a private investigator who could use bugging device detectors, if only to give her piece of mind. She called Alpha 1 Legal Services. The investigator explained he would carry out a full sweep of the house. Martha asked if it could be done while her son was out. Our private investigator advised that a comprehensive of sweep of the house (which was a three bed semi-detached) and her car using hi-tech bugging device detectors would take approximately 6 hours. The sweep was arranged for the next day because the boy would be at nursery and then at his grandma’s house for the rest of the day.

The day of the bug sweep.

Upon arrival, our private investigator carried out a simple walk through, looking for any obvious signs of suspicious devices. Finding no obvious signs, a comprehensive sweep using our specialised bugging device detectors was undertaken. With these devices our investigator found both audio and visual recording equipment secreted around Martha’s home. Her car was clear of covert surveillance devices. Photographs of the surveillance equipment were taken and then given to Martha so that she could take the evidence to the South Yorkshire police. The devices were removed. Martha felt much safer in her home after the devices were removed. Martha later informed our investigator that the visits were no longer happening in her home but a local play centre.
If you feel your privacy is been invaded, whether it is at home or at work, please contact us at Alpha 1 Legal Services and we will be happy to help.
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