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Posted 11:36 15 March 2022

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Earlier in the month, our counter surveillance and bug sweep in Birmingham team received a call. It was from a concerned female who thought that her property was being bugged by her ex.

The female (we shall call her Jane), explained to our bug sweep in Birmingham team, that the reason she thought this was that her ex kept turning up to places that she said she was going to visit.

After our bug sweep in Birmingham team had asked a few questions of Jane. It was surmised, that it was a possibility that the ex had placed ‘something’ in her property to ‘bug’ her. He had also most likely done this, when he had come to pick up the kids to take them out and she was distracted.

Therefore, it was decided that our bug sweep in Birmingham team would attend and do a full bug sweep of the property. This included 5 bedrooms, the garage and also her vehicle.

The bug sweep in Birmingham team arrived nice and early (around 8am) and started the bug sweep. Jane was asked just to carry on as normal in her day (she worked from home). The team started upstairs, through all the bedrooms etc and nothing was found. Nothing was found in the garage, and nothing was found on the vehicle (trackers etc).

However, when the team swept the living room, it was found that there was a ‘listening bug’ plugged into the wall (similar to the one in the picture). This type of bug works by placing a sim card into it. Then, the person who has placed it, can ‘phone in’ to the listening device, and hear everything that’s being said. Very clever!

This had obviously been plugged in by the ex. This was where he was getting his information from as to where Jane would be at given times.

Photographs were taken of the device in situ (we do not remove it) and Jane was advised as to what to do. Which she said she would do immediately.

Needless to say Jane was extremely happy and very grateful. She now knew that she wasn’t imagining things, and it was actually happening and could put her mind at rest.

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