Anti Fraud Surveillance Services

Posted 12:42 10 November 2013

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Being a private investigation company using anti fraud surveillance services in the UK on a daily basis, we are often called upon to investigate false claims of sickness on behalf of employers and government departments.

Our fraud surveillance services are used nationwide.

In most cases their suspicions are not unfounded, which is why they engage a company specialising in anti fraud surveillance services!
We utilise various surveillance services tools to gain the evidence required to corroborate our investigations and fraud surveillance services. As a professional private investigation company we have several surveillance services vehicles (with camera/video equipment built into the vehicle) and a list of covert camera equipment, including bag cams and body worn cams.
We have investigated many instances of the classic bad back/depression scenario only to find that the employee is involved in some leisure activity or extra employment that blows their claims right out of the water! If you suspect that one of your employees is being dishonest, do not hesitate to call us.
Gathering and collating evidence that can be used in Court, or at a tribunal is a surveillance service that investigators at Alpha 1 Legal Services have had extensive experience with.
anti fraud surveillance services
anti fraud surveillance services