Private Investigator in Newcastle

Private Investigators in Newcastle and all surrounding areas.

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

As the top private investigator in Newcastle, providing professional legal support services to local legal firms, corporate entities, small to medium enterprises and single cases from members of the general public. We can manage all of your private investigation needs.

Our private investigators in Newcastle offers services including:

Why choose our Private Investigator in Newcastle for your case?

We have a team of private investigators that are based in our regional centre in Newcastle. We also have access to a national and international network of private investigators and process servers.
Alpha 1 Legal Services is a well-established firm.

We have many years of experience of providing comprehensive legal support services to legal professionals and the general public. Each of our Private Investigator operatives in Newcastle has earned their place within our elite company. This is after serving in the Armed Forces, Police Service or in the Security Services.

Our private investigators are very skilled at managing private investigations which incorporate a variety of surveillance techniques in Newcastle and across the entire country. When we undertake surveillance operations and collision investigations, we use the best audio, video recording and tracking technology available.  This produces comprehensive reports that can be used in the Courts.
You may be aware that the government are planning to introduce the licensing of the private investigation industry.

You can be assured that our private investigator in Newcastle is fully qualified in line with the proposed licensing. This is in readiness for it coming in to force.

We have a fixed fee service for most of our private investigation services. For more complex cases,  no work is carried out without prior approval from you. Therefore enabling you to keep an eye on costs. No case is too big or small. If you are unsure if you need our services, our professional private investigator in Newcastle will guide you.
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