Private Investigator in Manchester

Private Investigators covering all areas of Manchester.

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

Alpha 1 Legal Services private investigator in Manchester, carries out regular investigation services around the Manchester area, and the rest of the North-West.

Our private investigator in Manchester works not only with business related clients coming from the private, corporate and public sectors, but also in the domestic market as well.

It is already in the pipeline that the UK Government are planning to introduce licencing for private investigators. Our active investigators in Manchester is already working at a higher standard. This means that they will be ready for the new legislation. With discretion, good ethics and current laws underpinning all of their work.

Our private investigation team in Manchester is filled with experienced agents. They have gained their extensive knowledge of intelligence gathering and counter surveillance operations through their backgrounds. This was in either the Army, Navy, RAF, Security services or Police service.

Our discreet, affordable private investigator in Manchester, can offer numerous solutions covering the Manchester area, these include:

How can our private investigator in Manchester assist you?

Once we have discussed the full details of your problem with you, our specialist private investigator in Manchester, can tailor an operation. This is to provide you with the most appropriate and affordable solution.

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