Private Investigator in Glasgow

For all your Private Investigator needs, in and around Glasgow.

Private Investigator of the Year 2014/15 Acquisition International Awards

Our private investigator in Glasgow has been providing successful investigations in and around Glasgow for many years.

During this time our investigators in Glasgow have delivered a wide range of private investigation and legal support services. This has been to members of the legal profession and the wider community. From members of the general public looking to confirm the monogamy of their relationships, to corporate clients.  Corporate clients mainly want to check employee authorised mileage and confirmation of personal injury for insurance companies.

Whatever your private investigation needs are, don’t be afraid to contact us. You can be sure that our discreet, professional, private investigator team in Glasgow have dealt with similar difficult situations before. You are not alone.

Our private investigators will investigate and provide answers to your questions. This is achieved with understanding and empathy. You can be confident of complete confidentiality.

As our private investigators have worked in and around Glasgow, we have dealt with (and obviously still do) all types of visual, audio and digital information. The security of data whether it is in an image or written format is covered by the Data Protection Act. Rest assured that each of our private investigators are well trained and always operate within the scope of the law.

This is the same for the way we carry out our investigations, the reports that we write and the data we have gathered during the course of your investigation.

We are an ethical company. As such, we have ensured that our private investigator in Glasgow is ready for the government’s planned introduction of the proposed licensing of the private investigation industry.

How do I contact the Private Investigator in Glasgow?

Should you be interested in any of our private investigator or legal support services in and around Glasgow please contact us. Our staff are waiting to provide you with a fixed fee solution. whether it be for process serving, tracing etc.

For our private investigation cases, fees will be dependent on the type of work involved.


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